Specific features

Buy Onboard is possible with all our kosher, halal & conventional range of products and with all different formats of boxes and trays. 

BBD is guaranteed 6 months from delivery date.

Suitable formats

Hot meal eco

Small snack box

12 small snack boxes in a drawer

Business class tray

Make your own with a large choice of made in France products

Rillettes & tapenades are made in France by our supplier and partner for many years based in Saint-Agathon in Bretagne.

New recipes coming soon...

Cookies and biscuits are selected regarding taste and quality.

Salmon rillettes

Green & Black Olive Tapenades

 Tuna rillette

Green Olive Tapenades

Creole rillettes

Vegetarian spread 

Bubble Go !

Make your youngest passengers in the mood with this trendy refreshing drink!

BBD 2 weeks - canned format - 18 in a drawer